The exhibition explored typography, the usage and production of it from 1930 (also the year ArtCenter was founded by Tink Adams) to 2015—hints 85_15.

A logotype that I designed for the exhibition's motion piece below.

This video made it to the exhibition. It explores the variations of type use and how we see letters, words, and paragraphs. Plus, the nuances in typography that allow us to distinctively spot characters (descenders, ascenders, crossbars, etc). 

The video is a sample on color and how it changes, depending on backgrounds or environments.

A handout on how our eyes read letters, words, and paragraphs—legibility and readability.

A quick term guide for exhibition goers to become more familiar with type technicalities. 

Horizontal posters, meant to challenge and exploit the way we see typography, positive and negative space.